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PegasusTSI Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida


Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC No. 5 DAP Plant Upgrades

The scope of the project includes two areas: MAP Conversion and Closed Loop Scrubbing (CLS) Upgrades. The MAP Conversion aims to transform the plant into a swing plant capable of producing MAP or DAP products. This involves quantifying the effects of proposed changes on existing equipment, upgrading the granulator, replacing the dryer burner skid, screen feed elevator, recycle conveyor, primary and secondary screens, evaluating pumps, enhancing equipment evacuation, and evaluating and designing piping and control systems.

The CLS Upgrades involve converting the tail gas scrubbing system from one pass to a closed-loop scrubbing process. This includes evaluating existing equipment, replacing packed bed scrubbers with impact type scrubbers, evaluating stack size, and designing piping and control systems. PegasusTSI’s expertise in phosphate fertilizer and granulation experience contributes to the success factors of completing the projects on schedule and within budget, efficient communication, coordination, and management of parallel project execution


Front End Loading


Fertilizers & Inorganic Chemicals


Mosaic Facility


July 2012 – October 2012


  • Preliminary Engineering
  • 10% Cost Estimate

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