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PegasusTSI, Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida


Environmental design expertise.

PegasusTSI offers a full range of Environmental Design Services as an Integral part of our Project Delivery services. When facing an environmental treatment challenge, our focus starts with in-plant abatement strategies, but where necessary, we maintain the ability to apply the most effective ‘end of pipe’ treatment strategies available today.

Our experienced environmental engineers and project managers bring their expertise to our clients’ environmental needs. Our Environmental Design Services are fully integrated with all PegasusTSI disciplines and product lines, including, project controls, purchasing and construction management.

Our environmental design experience includes numerous waste treatment and environmental control facilities both domestic and international.

Case Study

Valero Energy

Sulfur Removal Plant Upgrade — A new SO2 Scrubber was installed to remove acid gases from an existing Sulfuric Acid Plant Tail Gas unit at the McKee Refinery near Sunray, TX. Engineering services included detailed engineering and all equipment necessary to meet the performance specification, providing 99% removal of acidic sulfur species from the target gas stream. Project components included a caustic day tank, FRP process vessels, a scrubber blower and 100’ discharge gas stack.
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